Cashmere leggings

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Single-layer leggings made of cashmere wool which stands for high quality. These ribbed leggings are soft on touch, comfy and easy to pull on.

Cashmere wool is obtained from cashmere goats and it is considered a luxury yarn. The fibres are collected in a combing or shearing process. Then, they are further processed by hand or by specialised machinery.

Our cashmere wool yarns are OEKO-TEX certified and meet the requirements of highest quality. The OEKO-TEX certificate indicates that the materials meet strict international health and safety criteria. OEKO-TEX certified products do not contain any harmful or dangerous substances.

Composition: 100% cashmere wool

Care instructions: We recommend to wash by hand at temperatures up to 30°C. It is necessary to flat dry after washing. Line drying or drying on hangers can cause the leggings to stretch, with the result that they grow in length and lose their shape. Do not tumble dry.

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