Pastel rainbow


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This stylish decoration brightens up every children´s room and features cozy colours and natural materials.

The garland balls are made of needle felted, washed and cleaned carded sheep wool from various breeds. Wool is a living material and it can retain its lanolin and sheep scent.

The basic felt ball is made of washed sheep wool from local breeds. The wool has a natural white colour, it is combed and free from impurities. Subsequently, more natural wool fibres from the Merino and Corriedale sheep breed are compressed to the basic ball using a needle. The wool is coloured by industrial dyes that are free from toxins and do not fade.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Felt ball diameter: ca. 3 cm

One garland contains 16 balls.

The garland is 170 cm long and has looped ends to allow for easy hanging.

Colour: pastel hues

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