Beige Camel for adult hands



Make two new fluffy friends,
With Brown Camel for adult hands.

Warm and high-quality gloves for walks with your baby in the pram or hand in hand. Made of Mongolian camel wool of the highest quality, double-layer and unisex. Wool fibres absorb and wick away moisture, allowing your skin to breathe.

Unlike cotton or synthetic materials, natural camel wool allows for a long-lasting feeling of warmth and comfort even in unfavourable weather conditions. It has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties and it is water-resistant. Thanks to its elasticity, it maintains its shape and is several times stronger than cotton.

Wool is a renewable and eco-friendly material. Wool processing requires much less energy than the manufacture of synthetic fibres. It is easily recyclabe and biodegradable.

Our wool gloves do not require special handling. They can be machine-washed at 30°C. It is best to use a cycle for wool with a slower spin. They do not require tumble drying and ironing.

Composition – 97% natural camel wool and 3% spandex.

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