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MOE [mɔe] … that´s what it sounds like in Slovak when a child learns to pronounce the word moje [mɔye] which means my/ mine. Simplicity and a wordplay in one, that was the main reason why we have chosen this name for our brand.

The sign Ø in the middle of the logo reflects our love and admiration for the Nordic style dominated by simplicity, cleanliness, functionality and natural patterns.

The MØE brand stands for original children´s clothing manufactured in Slovakia and the Czech Republic characterised by neutral colours and natural materials. When designing our products, we focus on naturalness, practicality and above all high-quality processing.

In our portfolio you can find original children´s leggings, knee high socks and socks, but also shoes sewn from certified, vegetable tanned leather.

And who stands behind the MOE brand? Jana and Eva, two long-time friends and mums of two little girls. We share a similar sense of style, life values and the desire to create something new, nice and of high quality. MØE is a long-time vision of an own brand and original production come true.

The production process fills us with a great sense of satisfaction, from beginning to end. From the very first draft drawings on paper, the selection and smelling of leather, the choice of colours and colour-matching, the prototype testing to the tingling feeling of excitement when launching new products and sending the package to our customer.

MØE reflects our visions, feelings and the desire to constantly come up with something new, which is missing on the Slovak market.

Jana and Eva

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